Summer Wayuu shoulder bags and clutches | Handwoven in South America | Festival Bag

Wayuu tribe shoulder bags and clutches. Handwoven in South America by indigenous women. They are the perfect festival bag!

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The Role of Women in Wayu amerindian families

Wayuu Aborigine women lead their families in this matriarchal culture. They also lead the efforts to preserve Wayuu Indian culture. Daily, they struggle to support the children of their communities, while serving initiatives to preserve ethnic customs of their community.

Wayu women conserve their ancestral culture through the weaving of mochila bags, shoulder bags, which they weave by hand in the traditional way passed down through generations. Into each mochila is woven traditional Wayuu symbols, geometric figures, which graphically record their ancestral knowledge of the sun, the stars, the seashore, and many other things in nature.

We want to promote these gorgeous bags in the UK and help this community in fair trade.


About Wayuu Mochilas

Wayuu mochilas are handmade exclusively by Wayuu Indigenous women. Each Wayuu mochila bears the genuine taste of this women and their community, which embody the symbolic woven figures that commemorate their ancestral language, mother earth, the sun, the womb of women and the family. Mixtures of earthy colors and vivid symbols highlight their attachment to the traditions of their ancestors. Especially complex, highly detailed ancient geometrical symbols are woven into the fabric of some Wayuu mochilas, which distinguish them as particularly valuable, collector’s items.