woomly.london speaks to empower women and their family into wellness and mindfulness trough yoga, meditation, mindfulness and nutrition. Offering private and group yoga sessions and therapies in London: Fertility Yoga,  Pregnancy Yoga & Postnatal Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa

Information on 1.2.1 private yoga classes London Areas 1 & 2

Our philosophy centres around mindful breath; connecting breath to body and creating efficiencies in the way the breath moves the body to elevate awareness of the world around you: ’I work to empower people to live happy lives and learn how to manage fear using their breath, meditation, visualisations and yoga asanas’ Nina Tascon

Founder Nina Tascon Biography

Nina Tascon is the mum of a toddler (Olivia) and an advanced trained Fertility Yoga, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Mum, Baby Yoga and Family Yoga Teacher and Therapist since 2010. She is also a trained Doula in UK since 2015.


Her Yoga Story

A stressful corporate life and a time of ill health led her to yoga in 2008. As she continued practising, a positive pattern of joy and wellness emerged. Nina started teaching Hatha Yoga in 2010 at Yogeshyam Ashram, after years of being a student  and discovering her natural holistic well-being. She discovered Fertility Yoga in 2011 and after months of practising, detoxifying her body and meditating she was pregnant. This event changed her life forever, so she decided to share this with women trying to conceive by teaching and coaching them into a natural fertility journey.

Then, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga with several inspiring teachers saw her through pregnancy, joyful natural birth, and an amazing postnatal recovery. Discovering that this period in life is a lot nicer and healthier with yoga, she also wanted to share this with other women and families.

In 2013 she took a 280 hour Rainbow Kids Yoga & Birthlight speciality teacher training (Both UK Yoga Alliance certified entities) along with several inspiring teachers such as Françoise Freedman and Sally Lomas from Birthlight and Gopala Amir Yaffa from Rainbow Kids Yoga. Nina has continued taking courses, attending workshops and trainings with other inspiring women in the field.

In 2015 she decided to train as a Doula with Dr. Michel Odent.

She has been working in London and South America teaching yoga for fertility, pregnancy, postnatal, mum & baby, kids and family yoga.


She believes a holistic coaching is essential to improve peoples life’s. She combines healthy recipes and provides nutrition recommendations to her students. Check out her blog for simple and healthy recipes.

More about Nina Tascon

  • Nina is part of Yoga Alliance UK: providing the highest standards in the teaching of yoga and yoga therapy.
  • Nina is a Yoga Therapist with years of experience in Women’s Health and Mindfulness.
  • Nina is a Prenatal Doula
  • She is also MSc in Digital Marketing –  so she keeps her work-life balance teaching yoga and meditation.
  • Nina speaks fluent English and Spanish.
  • She breastfed Olivia for 20 months and offers lactation consultancy.

Contact her for further information of Yoga classes in London tasconnina@gmail.com


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