Family Yoga and Yoga Parties

My Family Yoga classes in London consist in one hour of yoga poses, games and adventures. Its all about having fun as a family whilst doing yoga. Families with kids ages 4 and up parents, caregivers, and any other members of the family.

It’s a perfect opportunity for parents and kids to practice together! A playful way to combine physical exercise and family togetherness. Family Yoga is gaining popularity as parents discover this fun and healthy way to spend quality time with their kids. Family Yoga teaches simple sequencing, games and partner poses the whole family will love. Parents may be amazed at the abilities of their kids.
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Children Parties and Events
Theme could be just anything: animals, monsters, fairies, mermaids, under the sea, frozen, shapes, travelling the world.
Book two hours for parties and events
£120 for 1 hour session

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