Woomly offers a range of group & private yoga classes for all types of people and every type of body. Here you will find a yoga class for everybody: men, women, kids & babies.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa (or Hatha Flow) is an intelligent linking of poses for every body – with breath and dristhi (gazing technique practiced while holding a yoga pose) – rooted in classical yogic traditions that explores the physical, mental and subtle aspects of the yoga sessions. I teach Hatha Vinyasa with an emphasis on breath and integrating proper alignment techniques following your own body flow.

Fertility Yoga: Acts to naturally stimulate ovarian function, enhance womb ecology and fertility, i.e. the creation of an optimal womb environment. Fertility Yoga is great for women who are trying to conceive or just want to keep fertile.  Click here for semi-private sessions. Private – Group Session (Weds 7:30 PM at postcode e35tb)

Pregnancy Yoga: Promotes general health for mother and baby. Expands breathing and lung capacity, increases flexibility and mobility. Helps to gain confidence for the birth and bonding with your baby. Calms the mind & emotions and makes you feel better at this special time. This class is suitable for beginners and yoga practitioners.

Postnatal Recovery Yoga: Helps you regain your core-strengts, figure and your overall fitness after birth by restoring tone to the deep muscles of the pelvis and lower back. Relaxation, deeper sleep and reducing postnatal depression and fatigue.

Mum & Baby Yoga: Carefully designed to nurture cognitive and emotional development of baby, grow connection with your baby and obtaining the benefits of postnatal yoga. This class focuses on movements with your baby, the sessions include baby massage & yoga movement.

About our founder Nina Tascon

My philosophy centres around mindful breath; connecting breath to body and creating efficiencies in the way the breath moves the body to elevate awareness of the world around you.

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