Yoga Classes

Woomly was created by London based yoga teacher Jimena Tascon. She offers a range of group & private yoga classes for women, kids, families and busy professional.

Women’s Wellness

A safe space for women to move, meditate, share and heal. Programs are aimed to feel emotionally and physically stronger, connect with your feminine energy and cycles.

Yoga for Companies

  • One hour yoga sessions on the mat
  • 30 minute desk yoga session (at the office or meeting room)

Clients: Work.Life, Salesforce & StarCrop Ltd.


For men and women. Meditation, breath and a kick ass yoga flow. Rooted in classical yogic traditions that explores the physical, mental and subtle aspects of  yoga.

My style is Hatha Vinyasa which has an emphasis on breath and integrating proper body alignment techniques encouraging people to follow their your own body flow.

Group Yoga Classes in London

About our founder Jimena Tascon

My philosophy centres around mindful breath; connecting breath to body and creating efficiencies in the way the breath moves the body to elevate awareness of the world around you.

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